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EZ Rewards

Welcome to EZ Rewards. This innovative new loyalty programme is designed specifically for you, our most valued clients. Its focus is to continue to enhance our relationship by providing unbeatable value, recognition and rewards for your loyalty and support.

Your ultimate Loyalty programme

By being an active member in the EZ Rewards programme your benefits include:

The opportunity for you to earn quality rewards

The opportunity to attend networking events organised by EZ Rewards

Bonus point opportunities for shipping goods during bonus months

The opportunity to participate in competitions and promotions

Opportunity to redeem points for yearly membership fee

Opportunity to redeem points for discounts on freight

Regular programme communications containing all the latest news and developments

A Rewarding Relationship

The EZ Rewards programme is based on a very clear business principle – the more you use Ezone, the more EZ Reward points you will earn and the greater the variety of rewards that you will be able to redeem.

How to Earn Points

It’s simple! Every time you ship a package using Ezone you will earn the following EZ Rewards points.

Service Points
Airway Bill 3
Bonus Points for packages over 10 pounds 2

Each week  the points you have earned by using Ezone will be credited to your EZ Rewards account and can be used to redeem for rewards or services in the EZ Rewards programme .

Bonus Points

SPECIAL PROMOTION MONTHS - Look out for bonus point months on specific products to really get your point balances increasing. With so many ways and so many products to help your earn points, you will be redeeming for fabulous rewards in no time at all.

Activity Statement

Every week you will have access via the EZ Rewards website to your activity statement detailing all of the points that you have earned during the previous month. The activity statements will also show the total points that you have accumulated since the start of the programme .

EZ Rewards Contact Centre

If you have any questions, wish to obtain a current balance, or redeem a reward you email programme headquarters at

Points Discrepancies

If you think that your point total is incorrect, please contact EZ Rewards headquarters at The team at EZ Rewards headquarters will do all the investigation to ensure that your reward point balance is accurate and up to date.

Programme Period and Enrolment

The EZ Rewards programme will commence on 1st October 2010. Your EZ Rewards membership number is a personal membership and is valid for as long as you wish to participate in the programme . All new members need to complete an EZ Rewards member and membership forms are located on the programme website located at

Newsletter and Email

The EZ Rewards programme newsletter and regular emails will keep you informed of upcoming events, special bonus offers and new member benefits.


Instructions on how to redeem your EZ Rewards Points are located on the EZ Rewards website. Make sure that you have sufficient points available in your account before you make a redemption. If you would like to check your points balance simply log onto the EZ Rewards website.


The EZ Rewards programme offers participants a tempting selection of rewards. You are free to use your points for any of the rewards showcased in the rewards catalogue or featured on the EZ Rewards website including discounts on future shipping changes, membership fees and merchandise.

Points Expiry

Your points won't expire as long as you keep your account active by earning or using points at least once every 12 months. You will need to earn or use points through your account at least once every 12 months to stop your points from expiring.

If you keep your account active by earning or using points once every 12 months, then your points will not expire.

How do I keep my account active?

It's simple to keep your account active.

Earn points

You can earn points every time you ship a package using EZone.

Use points

There are plenty of ways to use points too. You can redeem your points towards EZone vouchers as well as our wide range of products in our rewards catalogue.

Programme Rules and Regulations

All members in the EZ Rewards programme are bound by the rules and regulations contained on the EZ Rewards programme website.  Ezone’s decision on reward allocation, programme interpretation, dispute resolution, reward earning criteria and the rewards themselves is final and no correspondence will be entered into.